8 Financial Documents You Need for Proper Medical Accounting

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accounting for medical practices

You usually only need to know enough to hire and manage people who run those functions. Medical billing is a crucial part of running a successful medical practice, and it can have costly consequences if you don’t handle it correctly. Here are some best practices for setting up your business accounting and maintaining profitability. If you’re about to start your own medical private practice, or have been running one for a while, then take a close look at your bookkeeping strategy and see where you can improve.

Whether you handle bookkeeping and medical billing on your own or outsource it to a professional, make sure you’re giving it the attention it deserves. When you stay on top of your books, you’ll have real-time insight into your practice’s finances and the information you need to make more informed business decisions. With our expertise, healthcare providers can easily prepare their financial statements for stakeholders and the public. Billing management can be a tough choice since service providers and in-house software both offer advantages and disadvantages. When making the decision, consider the size, age and needs of your practice.

Medical Software

If you have a small to mid-sized practice, your practice management software can likely meet your needs. If you are a multi-practice organization or a large hospital, you might want the stability and power of a designated medical accounting platform. In conclusion, owning a business is hard enough, and entrepreneurs must always wear multiple hats, including that of the CFO. Working with an accounting services provider can help you streamline crucial accounting decisions right from the start of your practice. Quatrro Business Support Service is a professional finance and accounting outsourcing service provider that helps healthcare organizations stay on top of the medical accounting game. We provide financial insights clients need to grow while freeing up time and resources providers need to manage their core business – delivering superior patient care.

Meanwhile, the accrual basis recognizes revenues when you earn them and expenses when you incur them. For 25+ years, E&A has developed and delivered specialized expertise to help professionals and their practices succeed. Even more importantly, our team delivers the business acumen and insights they don’t teach in professional schools. For example, we help craft pricing strategies to drive customer behavior to meet your wishes. Many clients have been able to drastically reduce appointment “no-shows” by implementing a pricing strategy E&A recommended. We set up your chart of accounts so that reviewing your financial statements is easy and tax return filing is a breeze.

Choose the right accounting method

As with depreciation accounting in other sectors, this process involves calculating the cost of the asset in question as well as its useful life. Details in these reports may include cash flows, balance sheets, statements of operations, and changes in net assets. Tax-exempt hospitals are also required to itemize uncompensated community care benefits such as charity care. For doctors just starting out, it pays to create solid systems from the time you open your doors.

  • The sheer volume of patients that walk through their doors makes simple Excel spreadsheets unmanageable.
  • The program provides traditional MBA core courses and specialized healthcare electives to help tailor the curriculum to your goals.
  • In addition to working with a skilled medical billing team to speed up collections, work with your accountant or bookkeeper to prepare cash flow forecasts.
  • With the accrual accounting method, your practice will account for expenses the moment you receive bills — instead of when you actually pay it.

And our proactive tax planning strategies will keep your practice in compliance with the latest Federal and State tax laws while minimizing your tax burden. Although maintaining your books is important, we understand that quality medical practice accounting and tax services aren’t just about crunching the numbers. We study and interpret your financial data to determine what it’s telling accounting for medical practices us about your practice and how to make adjustments that will improve your bottom line. We look for ways to eliminate unnecessary costs, utilize technologies to track expenses, simplify accounting procedures, and tighten internal controls. More importantly, while we’re monitoring your finances, you’ll be free to focus on patient care, new services, and other core medical practice issues.

Prepare for a Dynamic Accounting Career

Before committing to any products, make sure you’ve chosen ones that can interface with each other seamlessly. © 2023 Website builder for accountants designed by Build Your Firm, providers of websites for accountants and enrolled agents. We offer a free accounting newsletter with timely tips for growing your business and more. As you can see, we provide our clients with all of the financial resources they need from starting up to maintaining to selling their business. Large filing cabinets that take up half the office were a necessary evil in the pre-internet days.

What are the two types of accounting practices?

There are two primary methods of accounting— cash method and accrual method. The alternative bookkeeping method is a modified accrual method, which is a combination of the two primary methods.

Our full-service accounting solutions enable you to keep patient care as your primary focus while making your medical practice more profitable and efficient. With our strategic and detail-oriented approach to patient billing, payroll, equipment depreciation, and taxes, you can rest easy knowing that your finances are in the best of hands. Because billing can be time-consuming and emotionally challenging, you may prefer to outsource.

Have Great Financial Health With Medical Accounting

However, based on how your particular practice operates, you may find that other options, like a billing service or all-in-one system like medical practice management solutions, are better. You also may find that other methods are more cost-effective, or you may already have these functions covered. Make sure you investigate the different options to make an informed decision based on what option best equips you to care for your patients. When you opt for outsourcing, your staff will forward bills and other financial documents to a medical billing service provider. Once the service receives your paperwork, the company will manage your claim submissions, tracking and basic data entry tasks. Typically, you’ll pay a medical billing company a percentage of the amount that they collect.

The average CPA firm can handle basic small business accounting and tax services. However, if they’ve never worked with a busy medical practice before, they may not be able to develop effective medical practice accounting solutions. The sheer complexity of medical practice accounting makes software essential for healthcare providers. It’s prohibitively difficult and time-consuming to keep track of everything by hand. As a result, healthcare professionals are often unprepared to manage their company’s accounting and tax responsibilities.

Medical practice management books are great for keeping an eye on the pulse of your business’ financial health. And that’s why getting into the habit of creating a schedule for profit and loss statements is beneficial. It’s about placing a health care facility in the best position possible to provide high-quality, difference-making patient care.


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