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Data in the form of charts, graphs, scatter plots, data tables, donuts, and maps, etc. Kibana supports dynamic and adaptive dashboards based on data queries. It ensures the readiness of a tested build for production deployment.

chef devops interview questions

Git stash takes your modified tracked files and saves them on a stack of unfinished changes that you can reapply at any time. Developers are obliged to commit all source code changes to a shared DevOps repository. The VCS asks to provide a brief summary of what was changed every time we save a new version of the project.

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The interviewer may ask this question to see how you approach solving problems and whether your solutions are effective. In your answer, explain what steps you would take to debug a broken deployment. A) jclouds-chef plugin adds Java and Clojure components to the Chef server API REST API. With it, you can easily depend on community cookbooks and have them safely included in your workflow. Created automatically by knife whenever the knife cookbook create subcommand is run. A) The chef_organization resource to interact with organization objects that exist on the Chef server.

  • A) chef-validator – Every request made by the chef-client to the Chef server must be an authenticated request using the Chef server API and a private key.
  • The infrastructure as code concept can be implemented at various stages of the DevOps lifecycle—version control, continuous integration, and automated testing—by writing code.
  • Set cookbook’s version number to 1.0.0 when it is ready to be used in production.
  • However, with a well-planned recruitment process, it’s possible to make a great hire and transform your company’s software strategy.
  • DevOps vastly improves an organization’s software development strategy.
  • A warning is returned when certificates do not have valid X.509 certificate properties or if the /.chef/trusted_certs directory does not contain any certificates.

Nagios reads the external command file and places the results of all passive checks into a queue for later processing. Now, Docker creates a new container MySQL from the existing Docker image. Simultaneously, the container layer of the read-write filesystem is also created on top of the image layer.

Chef Interview Questions for Experienced Candidates

Test automation or manual testing Automation is the process of automating a manual procedure in order to test an application or system. Automation testing entails the use of independent testing tools that allow you to develop test scripts that can be run repeatedly without the need for human interaction. This results in a significant increase in speed in a developer’s productivity as it eliminates the requirement for re-running all the tests after each update and project re-building. This is a method of continuous deployment that is commonly used to reduce downtime. This is where traffic is transferred from one instance to another. In order to include a fresh version of the code, we must replace the old code with a new code version.

I successfully automated processes to support continuous software deployments. I have experience with public/private clouds, tools like Chef or Puppet, scripting and automation with tools like Python and PHP, and a background in Agile. There you go, these are some of the most common DevOps interview questions that you might come across while attending an interview. In addition, you must also have a holistic understanding of the products, services, and systems in place.

Setting Up Development Environment Using Vagrant

We need to monitor the performance of infrastructure and applications. So that we can identify the issues and resolve them before causing any impact on end-users. It is a workstation of the system administrator which interacts with the server and nodes. Therefore all the phases are provided with the required environments faster. Since in a distributed VCS, we can copy the project version history and use the local repository. The application performance is monitored in real-time and in case of issues the team takes action quickly.

  • In short, it refers to a set of practices that bring together software development and IT operations to leverage collaboration and efficiency.
  • By following the proper steps for version control, integration, testing, deployment, delivery, and monitoring, the project is now ready for DevOps implementation.
  • A) An exception handler is used to identify situations that have caused a chef-client run to fail.
  • Make any change necessary to help improve the coverage for cookbook testing.
  • The chef is a deviceappliedto Configuration Management and is exactly competing with Puppet.

It can also be used to install additional cookbooks, for example to use during testing. A) Use the chef_acl resource to interact with access control lists that exist on the Chef server. Answer) Use the apt_package resource to manage packages on Debian and Ubuntu platforms. A) A workstation is a computer running the Chef Development Kit that is used to author cookbooks, interact with the Chef server, and interact with nodes. The installer is used to set up the Chef Development kit on a workstation, including the chef-client itself, an embedded version of Rubygems, OpenSSL, Ruby,Main key value stores. In Chef,Use the apt_package resource to manage packages on Debian and Ubuntu platforms.

Most Common Chef Interview Questions and Answers

Monitors server for configuration change if there is a change, modifies hosts configuration automatically. For example- when a new code is committed by a developer immediately automated test runs are executed. Subsequently, if the test runs are successful it means the build is successful and then the code is deployed. chef certification devops However, if the test runs fail then the build is unsuccessful and notification is sent to the developer. After this, the developer makes code changes and the test run is executed automatically after the commit. Whenever there is an instance of an edit in the infrastructure file, it can be pulled for review.

chef devops interview questions


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