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You can use him to play like an initiator because he got the skills for dragging down its enemy bots. And know that Berserker is a bot who can deal with heavy damage. A – These bots are always good enough to make you successfully donate in the game, and they have to be appropriately utilized to recover from the battles. botworld best team Although the top tier bots encounter them, they are the outstanding pickups for starting a battle. S – The best bots from the Botworld Adventure tier list will be featured here, and they can give you a definite victory within every game. Each battle will be much easier to conquer with the help of these battles.

He has a place in any team that he’s put in and does his job as no other bot can. At endgame (level 5000+), chasers are often intervened by a tank while he’s chasing a squishy bot. Except for that, this tier list is solely a personal point of view, and it may be different from yours. If you are looking for an updated Tier List for all Bots in Botworld Adventure, then this is the place to be. Now, you may be wondering what is the basis for such a Bot Tier List?

Each bot can be levelled up to AI Level 5; the XP gained is wasted once it reaches that level. So, it is recommended you take bots that are not levelled up yet to increase their AI level. To increase your probability of winning in fights, you can use a higher level bot along with a lower level bot. Although it does not inflict as much damage, it does have ranged damage and massive splashes. Because he’s slow, this can be an issue for those that employ him frequently. He really requires the assistance of a nice tank, but when he does, he performs admirably.

Levelling up your bots

And don’t forget to go with the S ranks as they are the best ones you will see from the game. This is a good melee bot to be utilized in the game, and it is related to the category of chaser. This Bot has the highest mobility and speed than any other bot within the Botworld Adventure tier list, and it can easily take down its enemies with the best control skills it has. And with the use of these greatest control skills, he is much capable of knocking down his enemies in the air. Players can try out these bots to test their skills and go against low-level AI bots to collect rewards and in-game coins. However, this is the bottom of the Botworld Adventure tier list, so we highly advise you not to choose them when going against difficult bots or bosses.

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Bot in Team Comp Tier List

This allows Flamer to continue kiting if previously slowed or rooted. His movement speed is alright and he has a front-facing shield that reduces damage. These along with his overall great quality of synergizing with a team puts him up in the top tier.

Even for top-tier bots, the DPS generated by this bot is overwhelming. The goal of Botworld Adventure is to find new bots while also exploring a beautiful, diverse world. The game features a large number of adorable bots, memorable situations, and a solid set of in-game mechanisms. You can meet new characters, go on a treasure quest, and journey through lush green forests in a variety of locales. Without a doubt, the best characters are typically essential to win every match when playing an RPG.

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botworld best team

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We also have a mobile gaming section for guides on different games. There also a PvP arena that players can get access to later on. You can further level up your bots physically by heading to the boat which is unlocked by completing quests offered by Dad.

botworld best team

He’s not exactly squishy, and he’s a frightening, high-risk, high-reward option for any squad. Vortex has a unique gimmick of overlapping bot hitboxes allowing for units like Longshot to become a pseudo Splasher as well as synergizes with A.I. Immobilize Field won’t stop things like Bigshot or Pluggie from attacking, or may even provoke a running Pupil into attacking. Botworld Adventure Global version is now officially available on Android & iOS platforms.

Chainer is an aggressive tank that keeps your bots safe from enemies. This also makes it possible for the teams to sweep the opponent teams with relative ease. Chainer, however, does not get along with a lot of the other bots. Chainer, for example, reduces Brute or Bigshots’ DPS by pulling foes away from them or out of their field of fire. A Chainer necessitates the selection of a certain team that merits a high tier.

botworld best team

If a trump suit is led, the usual rule for trick-taking applies. In simple words, a tier list is a ranking system that sorts and arranges bots in order of their strength, abilities, and usefulness. In gaming, tier lists are often created by players to categorize characters based on their performance in tournaments and other competitive events. South is the declarer, having been first to bid hearts, and the player to South’s left, West, has to choose the first card in the play, known as the opening lead.


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