Best Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Business

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You can check out our Carbonite review for all the details, but the most basic plan — called Carbonite Safe — will run you $4.20 per month and includes unlimited storage space. Unfortunately, some random features such as automatic video uploads and server backup are restricted to more expensive plans. Ultimately, SpiderOak’s price keeps it from getting any higher on this list. Still, it’s a great service for security buffs or those who want traditional cloud storage and online backup rolled into one.

best cloud backup service

Like iDrive, Backblaze will also ship up to 8TB of your data on a USB to you. If you don’t yet have an online storage and syncing service, you should seriously consider getting one. Which one you choose depends on the kinds of files you store, how much security you need, whether you plan to collaborate with others, and which devices you own.

Best for Integration With Third-Party Services

If you’re a power-user who already pays for some kind of business storage, look no further than CloudBerry Backup. More than any other service on this list, CloudBerry lets the user tweak and tune every single detail of their backup. From unlimited versioning to advanced scheduling, multithreading, block-level uploads and support for a vast range of device types, CloudBerry cloud backup services for business has pretty much everything. Things like hybrid, image-based and mobile backup are missing, but external drives, servers and NAS devices are included on some of the plans. IDrive uses a block-level algorithm to make sure you don’t waste a bunch of bandwidth re-uploading entire files when only parts of them have changed — making it one of the fastest backup options, too.

The reason that these backup are so essential to cloud security are numerous. In addition to cyberattacks, disasters like fires, floods and extreme weather can also necessitate restoring from backups. And far more mundane occurrences, like a hard drive crash or simply mistakenly deleting an important file, are much more manageable when you have a good backup process.

What are cloud backup services?

Apple now splits the volume in two, separating data (which can be written) from the system volume (which is read-only and is where all your system settings and all the things macOS needs to work are stored). Not only is this system volume read-only, its is now a sealed volume, which means that it will be invalidated if the seal is broken – which will be the case if you try to boot from an external drive. There was another option that won’t cost as much as paying a company to host your backup.

best cloud backup service

You also get good file-sharing and folder-syncing options with SpiderOak, despite the focus on backup. File syncing and storage services provide seamless access to all your data—Word docs, PDFs, spreadsheets, photos, and any other digital assets—wherever you are. Syncing and storage services also add safety and security to your online life because when you sync your files via the cloud, you by default create a backup of them as well. If you lose your laptop, all your files are still accessible to you if you log into your syncing service from any browser.

IDrive Business

Distinct from but overlapping in some cases with cloud storage are backup services, particularly ones that offer online backups. Some of them, such as Carbonite, specialize in data protection and recovery, while others like IDrive, combine data protection with syncing and sharing capabilities. You can also have a look at our guide to the best cloud storage for teams or our business cloud storage comparison table. The cloud backup services covered below are all ones that offer cloud-to-cloud backup. For this type of backup to be possible, the SaaS vendor needs to support access to system data in a secure manner. Sometimes, less sophisticated SaaS vendors lack this capability, so make sure to verify that vendors allow cloud-to-cloud backup when you select SaaS solutions.

best cloud backup service

Insist on secure data transfer to and from the cloud storage location, data encryption, and role-based access that ensures only authorized personnel can access or restore data. IDrive is for anyone looking for the best price per TB for their online storage and syncing service. It will also be appealing to those who want to take advantage of its archiving and continuous backup features.

Compare SpecsThe Best Cloud Storage and File-Sharing Services for 2023

It’s important to know a cloud storage service can be trusted with your files, so most providers go to a lot of trouble to make sure they’re safe. They’ll upload and download files via a secure encrypted connection, for instance. Maximum security data centers ensure no unauthorized person gets access to their servers, and even if someone did break in, leading-edge encryption prevents an attacker viewing your data.

  • The cloud backup service is also compliant with both GDPR and HIPAA, which can be crucial for businesses that handle confidential material.
  • Unsurprisingly, this means that there are storage caps, with the plans ranging from 250GB to 50TB of space.
  • There are dozens of services which are powered by some form of cloud storage.
  • There’s also no mobile backup nor does Backblaze support servers or NAS devices, which is something a lot of businesses will need.
  • That said, it’s also quite inflexible, and its user management is bare bones at best, making it less attractive for small businesses than it is for personal users.

That’s what you can sync automatically, but as we said above, you can use iCloud to back up some of the data on your Mac just by copying it to your iCloud Drive. If you have just lost everything on your Mac due to a damaged drive then have a look at this article for some ideas on
ways to recover your data from your damaged drive. Advertise with TechnologyAdvice on Datamation and our other data and technology-focused platforms.

Arq 7 Backup – Best for consolidating online storage

Instead of letting you manually select specific folders to back up, Backblaze provides an Exclusions tab and backs up everything else. This arrangement takes some getting used to, and “adding” a folder to “exclusions” might throw your brain for a loop, but once you get the hang of how it works, it’s easy to use. In addition, you can change how many transfer threads (simultaneous upload processes) are available, which affects upload speed.

best cloud backup service

If what you need is a cloud backup service that lets you backup a lot of devices, and the files you need to backup are small in size, then IDrive is one of the best backup services you can go for. That said, if you’re concerned about speed or need a lot of storage capacity, then you’ll be better served by one of the other options on this list. Many of the best personal cloud storage services include end-to-end encryption as well as file syncing solutions such as file versioning and retention. These features help keep your data safe while also allowing you to see when changes were made. Not to mention all the money they had to spend on hiring experts to install Linux and various other storage services.

Is data encrypted in transit and at rest, and are those encryption details publicly available?

Sync is a simple, fast and secure cloud storage service that will appeal to those on a budget. This problem is easily solved however by downloading the Google Drive desktop application for Windows and macOS. This file explorer-based drag-and-drop system is not dissimilar to Microsoft OneDrive, which lets you back up, store, modify, and delete files directly from your desktop. When you open a new account, Google offers you free storage of up to 15GB on Google Drive.


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